To be trans, to be male, to be femme


I can often be seen wearing makeup from the simplest nude base to the flashiest lipstick. I wear chains with sparkling stones on my hair, charm necklaces, pearl rings, beads. When I came out as trans I ditched makeup for good. I never thought I’d go back, after feeling like putting my face on every […]

6th January 2016

Students’ Union elections!


Hey all! Sorry about the absence: I’ve been busy. We had a bit understaffed week at work so it’s just been me and Frank. We’ve done just fine but it’s meant more shifts for me. I actually didn’t have a single day off last week with work and university!  But to the topic: elections. The […]

9th November 2015

thoughts over tea: I hate my sexuality


My committed relationship.  I do not know how it feels to be any other sexual orientation than what I am. I am a man and I am both romantically and sexually attracted to other men. I have had my sexually versatile moments but in the end this is how I identify. I used to think […]

17th November 2014