[FIN+briefly in ENG] Lähes vuosi testoilla + henkilötunnus

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Aloitin testosteroni-injektiot Sustanonilla viime elokuussa, eli pian alkaa olla vuosi täynnä. Paljon on mahtunut vuoteen.  Ääni on muuttunut niin että itsekin jo huomaan sen. Läskejä on siirtynyt päärynäalueelta mahaan.  Karvoja on tullut päästä varpaisiin: parran alkukin näkyy jo selkeästi jos en sheivaa. Parrassa on vielä kehittymisen varaa, sillä esimerkiksi viiksiä ei vielä näy kovin kauas. […]

3rd August 2016

The Depressed Activists


Complete lack of energy. The eternal doom of nihilism. Bouts of high anxiety when anything can cause a panic attack, from the sound of a fork falling on the floor to a surprising flatmate saying hello in the kitchen. Moments when you feel like a hero and a survivor when you’ve actually made it out […]

14th July 2016

Celebrity advocates and the right to speak out


So let me get this straight: when a celebrity, usually a rich (white) cis person, comes out with their mental illness or other disability, that doesn’t give them a free pass. It doesn’t mean that this person is now immune to criticism or that they should be considered The Face of Said Disability. It doesn’t mean […]

7th July 2016

Laziness re-evaluated


  Mental illness can affect anyone. In England that number is 1 in 4 people in any given year [1], with up to 10% of the population suffering from depression in their lifetime [1]. And these are the recorded figures: in reality there might be more people suffering in silence. Despite of depression being one […]

24th May 2016

New platform!


Welcome to my new blog. While the transfer didn’t go all peachy, we’re now here and most things are back in place. If you spot a missing image or misplaced categories, please let me know by commenting the post in question! Other than that, I’m happy to welcome you to the new teaspblog. We’ll see […]

21st May 2016

Help my website!


I’m currently in rather deep financial troubles, being a full time student and not having a job and keeping getting lots and lots of overdraft fees. If you’d like to help me to keep my websites up, you can use the button below. Any amount is highly appreciated! If you message me at teaspionage(AT)gmail(DOT)com, I […]

2nd April 2016

To be trans, to be male, to be femme


I can often be seen wearing makeup from the simplest nude base to the flashiest lipstick. I wear chains with sparkling stones on my hair, charm necklaces, pearl rings, beads. When I came out as trans I ditched makeup for good. I never thought I’d go back, after feeling like putting my face on every […]

6th January 2016

Another good year – a recap, plans, the usual


Time for reflection, plans and good old I’m-sure-I’m-gonna-go-to-the-gym-this-year statements? I decided to write one of these myself as well. Here’s a super quick look at my 2015: I finished my first year of university and started the second. I was quite ill for a long time and later found out I have asthma. My anxiety […]

2nd January 2016

HRTeaspionage: 2kk testoilla // 2 months on testosterone


Here’s another post about the effects of testosterone treatment! Month two, you all. Seuraava teksti sisältää yksityiskohtia juonesta. Ja genitaaleista, karvoista ja muista kivoista jutuista jotka saattavat olla too much information! Toisen kuukauden muutokset olivat ensimmäiseen verrattuna aika samantasoisia.  Karvojen kasvu on jatkunut: poikaystävä sanoi että käsivarteni ovat karvaisemmat kuin ennen vaikken itse olisi ehkä […]

5th December 2015

Paris, Beirut, Baghdad


  There is a lot of misery in the world, and saddening events happen every day. In the western world it’s easy to only sympathise with the events that happen close to us, or indeed in Europe or Northern American countries, or so it seems in the press. The BBC, The Guardian, Helsinki Times, tabloids: […]

14th November 2015