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Moikka kaikille taas! Tein ennen lyhyehköjä ääniblogimerkintöjä Kieku-sovellukseen. Nyt kun sovellusta ei enää ole, ajattelin siirtää homman tänne ns oikean blogin puolelle. Puhun näissä suomeksi erilaisista aiheista ja päivittäisistä jutuista joita mulle on tapahtunut. Mulle saa lähettää aihe-ehdotuksia ja vaikka kysymyksiä Twitterissä jos semmoinen kiinnostaa. Juttelen mieluiten esimerkiksi aktivismista, läskijutuista, queer-elämästä, mielenterveydestä ja sen semmoisesta. […]

15th July 2019

Thoughts over tea: Moving houses


Content warning: discussion about racism and being racist as a white person I lived in my childhood home for fifteen years and about nine-or-so months. I didn’t move very far, only to the next town, but I did move. And I moved again. After gradually moving from a village to a town to a city […]

22nd August 2016

Life as an antagonist


Most of the time I’m on the edge. There’s always the selected few moments when I’m feeling okay, when I’m content, when I’m chill. But most of the time I’m a bundle of nerves. I’ve been like this for a long time. Whenever therapists and counsellors ask when I first became anxious, I don’t really […]

5th August 2016

The Depressed Activists


Complete lack of energy. The eternal doom of nihilism. Bouts of high anxiety when anything can cause a panic attack, from the sound of a fork falling on the floor to a surprising flatmate saying hello in the kitchen. Moments when you feel like a hero and a survivor when you’ve actually made it out […]

14th July 2016

Celebrity advocates and the right to speak out


So let me get this straight: when a celebrity, usually a rich (white) cis person, comes out with their mental illness or other disability, that doesn’t give them a free pass. It doesn’t mean that this person is now immune to criticism or that they should be considered The Face of Said Disability. It doesn’t mean […]

7th July 2016

Laziness re-evaluated


  Mental illness can affect anyone. In England that number is 1 in 4 people in any given year [1], with up to 10% of the population suffering from depression in their lifetime [1]. And these are the recorded figures: in reality there might be more people suffering in silence. Despite of depression being one […]

24th May 2016