Done some of my semi-annual maintenance here! Added some Cool People and Places to my Cool People and Places page and updated some links Updated my About the Author (I’ve graduated and aged) Changed my social media handles so they’re now up to date Uploaded a new Gravatar (I’ve had a haircut)

11th November 2017

New platform!


Welcome to my new blog. While the transfer didn’t go all peachy, we’re now here and most things are back in place. If you spot a missing image or misplaced categories, please let me know by commenting the post in question! Other than that, I’m happy to welcome you to the new teaspblog. We’ll see […]

21st May 2016

Help my website!


I’m currently in rather deep financial troubles, being a full time student and not having a job and keeping getting lots and lots of overdraft fees. If you’d like to help me to keep my websites up, you can use the button below. Any amount is highly appreciated! If you message me at teaspionage(AT)gmail(DOT)com, I […]

2nd April 2016