To be trans, to be male, to be femme


I can often be seen wearing makeup from the simplest nude base to the flashiest lipstick. I wear chains with sparkling stones on my hair, charm necklaces, pearl rings, beads. When I came out as trans I ditched makeup for good. I never thought I’d go back, after feeling like putting my face on every […]

6th January 2016

Another good year – a recap, plans, the usual


Time for reflection, plans and good old I’m-sure-I’m-gonna-go-to-the-gym-this-year statements? I decided to write one of these myself as well. Here’s a super quick look at my 2015: I finished my first year of university and started the second. I was quite ill for a long time and later found out I have asthma. My anxiety […]

2nd January 2016