HRTeaspionage: Month 1 // 1 kk


Ensimmäinen kuukausi testosteronihoidon aloittamisesta meni hurjan nopeasti, niinkin nopeasti että oli oikeastaan vaikeaa pitää muutoksista kirjaa. En kiireisen elämänrytmini vuoksi ole saanut kiinni onko mielialassani tapahtunut isoja suuntaan taikka toiseen. Ehkä pinna on aavistuksen lyhentynyt, mutta se voi johtua normaalista stressistäkin. Samoin tuntuu, että mieliala on ehkä korkeintaan tasaantunut, mutta samalla silloin kun ahdistusta on, […]

29th September 2015

Nunhead Art Trail


I was looking forward to this year’s art trail a lot: I had planned to walk the entire route and to spend the entire weekend visiting the newly created hot spots of South London art. However, I quickly realised that was not going to happen, and I was to spend my weekend planning a gender-variant […]

26th September 2015

New almost bilingual series: HRTeaspionage


As many of you know, I’m transgender. Not a secret. This post series is going to describe a part of my transition, namely HRT or hormone replacement therapy. In my case testosterone injections. I’m aiming to write one post a month, around the time I get my injection, and log my experiences. I’ll create these […]

20th September 2015

Cons, outings, and more


Every now and then I pack my bag and head out to the wild, book a ticket or two to Finland and make myself at home on friends’ floors or my mother’s guest room. This time I had some roleplaying friends who planned going to Tracon, a cosplay and roleplaying centric event in Tampere. We […]

14th September 2015