Wellbeing Wednesday: 30 days of yoga


I’ve been practising yoga on-again-off-again for about a five years now. My first years were the absolute fitness white boy experience (about which I shall write more later), the next few focused on research and reading, as well as some physical practice. And I quit for a while, and started again when it started affecting […]

29th July 2015

Well-being Wednesdays


Sometimes life is a battle. It can feel like a long, barely rewarded quest where enemies are big and scary and difficult and the last checkpoint ages away. But it can also be a series of smaller ones that each give you a pretty thing to cherish after delivering goods or slaying eviltons. One of […]

23rd July 2015

team theme: How did it start? When will it stop?


Time is important, and I am a clock… Enough with the internet culture references, this Sunday’s team post topic is our blogging history. Mine goes back quite a while. The earliest blogging memories I have are from about 2007 or 2008 when I started journaling on Livejournal, to my own and my online friends’ amusement. […]

19th July 2015

Blogging team, other fun things


Hey guys, haven’t been around for a bit! I’ve been busy and tired, as usual. Once again I’m going to say that this blog is a hobby for me, while I’m a full time student and now a part time shop person and a writer elsewhere but all about that in another blog post. Today […]

16th July 2015