Thoughts over tea: Scary monsters and nice sprites?


I was never intending to write creepypasta but now I just might. No, I won’t, but waiting for my tea, the thought feels alluring. I feel it at the back of my neck, I see it on the edges of my sight. Shapes and sounds, odd things. It’s gentle, high-pitched chirping. Not pleasant, and it […]

31st July 2013

Thoughts over tea: A few words about the art of adventuring


Adventures are curious things: exciting and unusual, surprising, thrilling, risky even. Children tend to be adventurous but people have certain tendency to remain that way, too, just not everyone and the way of looking for adventures usually changes. For what I’ve seen, some people long for them even after losing the feeling of firsthand adventures. […]

25th July 2013

Information post: Thoughts over tea


In case you’re wondering what this Thoughts over tea thing is, allow me to explain: it’s a new series of entries, literally written over a cuppa (sometimes herbals or coffee, though). When the beverage runs out, the writing stops and switches to prompt editing. Nothing is drafted beforehand. The reason why I came up with […]

24th July 2013