Tea Tuesday: Vanilla Chai by Pukka


I will add the tea picture here once I’m using the other computer where I have the file. Probably tomorrow or so. Bear with me! Tea: Pukka’s Vanilla Chai, bag tea Brewing time: 5 minutes With: Warm milk and honey On side: Ikea’s sugar free oat biscuits and dark chocolate Digestives Overall taste: sweet, cinnamon-like, […]

13th February 2013

Good Morning, Boils and Ghouls!


Have a January in pictures! It’s been a busy and remotely depressing month, full of art projects, music, tea, new things and occasional vodka. Well, ok, I don’t really drink as much as the previous sentence suggests. And starting next week I present you: Tea Tuesdays! What it means, I bet you’ve already figured out.

10th February 2013