This guide has been updated 4/21. All prices are in EUR. My rates are generally 30€/h. The prices on this page are estimates, and the final rate will be agreed upon while ordering. All prices include tax.

The Finnish translation is on page 2 / suomenkielinen käännös on sivulla 2.


Base prices include one character with a simple background. More complex compositions and backgrounds cost more at an hourly rate. If you are looking for discounted prices, check out my periodical ko-fi offers!

Base prices

Icons and banners 26€ for icon, 30€ for banner, 48€ for both

Drawings: heads and busts: 30€
Drawings: half and full bodies: 45€
Page of drawings: A5 20€, A4 30€, A3 55€

Paintings: heads and busts: 45€
Paintings: half and full bodies: 80€

NSFW half and full bodies 50€ – 90€
NSFW multiple characters 68+€

Single colour comics 25€/page (approx. 4 panels, square format)


Rush fee

In case your order requires jumping the commission queue, working on holidays or working over time, a 30-50% rush fee is added to the base price.

Late editing fee

In case your order must be edited at the stage later than sketch and colour plan, a fee of 30€/h is applied.

Postage fee

This is used for mailing your traditional art piece to you. I use the services of Posti (Finnish mail service) for shipping and refer to their pricing. I’m also able to order and mail you prints of the work with an additional charge.

Licencing fee

This gives you the commercial rights to reproduce your commission for merchandise, prints and other products. At the moment this is an added 17% of the hourly rate total and possibly a percentage of any profit, decided on a case by case basis. This is an additional service that must be requested at the time of commissioning.


You are not allowed to resell, print, appropriate or edit my work for commercial use without a separate written permission. If you wish to licence my work, please send me an email, a direct message on Twitter, or mention licencing in your order form.

I reserve the right to use any of my work in my portfolio, on my website and in my promotional material. This does not include merchandise or reprints for sale.

Queue and waiting times

I work as a graphic designer on top of custom commissions. The maximum contact time regarding to commissions is about two weeks, not including scheduled or public holidays. The maximum turnaround time should be less than a month for most projects.


Please use my contact page, email me or DM me on Twitter.

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